Drum Repair

Since I started in this business, I have always taken care of my instruments, kept them in good working order, clean, well-tuned, with all pieces being well-adjusted.

I then began to repair, adjust, clean and restore instruments for other drummers. The restoration work involves changing the outer coating of drums (exteriors), cutting drum shells, changing parts and fabricating custom-made pieces.

On several occasions, people have called upon my services to provide drums for recording sessions or for large-scale performances. I also worked in schools for ten years where I combined repairing, adjusting and tuning drums which I then give to a workshop for students.

In 1998, I met Alan Rhéaume, owner of LaDrumerie, a small company that specializes in the repair of percussions instruments.  Needing his expertise to adjust the bearing edge of a tom shell that was defective. I was very satisfied with his work and told him. In turn, I offered my services. I then joined the company from 1999 to 2010 where I learned many new techniques and had lots of challenges.

I offer my services for the repair and restoration of drums or percussions instruments. I also offer a home service.

Examples of achievements:


Bernard « Bingo » Deslauriers

Conception / Bernard Deslauriers 2020

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