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As of September 26, 2020, I will be part of the show "The Blues Story", with blues singer Brian Tyler. This show aims to be a history of the blues since the 1920s, until today. A tour of Quebec is preparing for fall 2020 and for spring 2021.


Last summer, I participated in 6 songs from Martin Deschamps' album "Comme Je Suis 2020". This album brought together ten artists for the ten songs revisited from his first album, twenty years ago. Daniel Boucher, Florence K, Nanette Workman, Damien Robitaille, Angel Forrest, Reney Ray, Marco Calliari, Les Respectables, Patrick Norman and finally, he wrote a song which he performs with his daughter, Lou.

Jim Zeller-Brother from another planet.j

In 2019, Jim Zeller's album, "Brother From Another Planet". With: Jim Zeller, Harmonica, Jimmy James and Carl Dutremble, on guitars, Marc Deschesnes, on bass, Larry Cohen, piano, Bella Godmer, chorist and myself on drums.

Barbara Diab-Mojo Woman.jpg

In 2019, Barbara Diab's album and The Smoked Meat Band, "Mojo Woman". With: Barbara Diab, vocal, Piano, Jean-Fernand Girard, Guitars, J.D. Lim and Alain Bertrand, Bass, Pierre Lamontagne, Jim Zeller, Harmonica, Josée Brunelle, chorist and myself, on drums.

Here is the new Michel Louvain album that we recorded at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, with the OSQ " As of April 22, 2018, the tour will resume, across the province of Quebec. It will end on October 6, 2018, at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, accompanied by the Orchester Symphonique de Québec, as an extra.

Restoration of a  1952-1953 

Leedy & Ludwig drum

Bernard « Bingo » Deslauriers